25-Year Award of Meritorious Service

Nominations will be accepted from March 3rd – June 16th, 2023.

This award is limited to those employees having accrued 25 years of service with one or more AASHTO member departments and who have attained the grade of District Engineer, Assistant Central Office Division Head, Bureau Chief, or higher.

To assist in determining whether or not an employee is eligible to receive the award, the official rules governing the award, as they were first established in 1946 and which are still in effect, are listed on each form below:

25-Year Award of Meritorious Service 

The forms below are to be used for the acknowledgement of the employee from your department to be included in our Memorial and Employees Killed in the Line of Duty service during our 2023 Annual meeting.

Memorial List

Employees Killed in the Line of Duty


If you have any questions, please contact our Meetings and Member Specialist, Laura Romero at lromero@aashto.org.